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"Because special people need to be taught in a special way"


Current donation campaign for renovation of our new building


Assalamu Alaykum w.w.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “whoever builds a masjid for Allah, he will build a house in Jannah for him.” (Bukhari)

Established since 2007 Madrasah Tuyoorul Jannah was set up to cater for individuals with special educational needs. The Madrasah provides a unique, fun and innovative way of learning, by experienced and qualified staff in a safe and friendly environment.

Having outgrown the current site we rent, we require your help to move into another building. The cost of the renovation of this building is approximately £120,000.

So how can you help?
-First and foremost, we request you all to make Duaa for the success of this building and Allah make it a means of Sadaqah Jariyah for the Ummah.
-Secondly, we request humbly our brothers and sisters to pledge any monetary donations towards this noble cause; Sadaqah/Lillah.

-For further information please visit our website:

Donations can be made via our website or
Bank transfer
Acc no 10327900
Sort code 16-13-26
Bank name – RBS

IBAN: GB30RBOS16132610327900

Cheque payable to:
Tuyoorul Jannah
179 Pringle St,
BB1 1SF.

-Please share this message  amongst your contacts so everyone can be involved in this noble cause.
JazakAllah Khayran 

Maulana Zubair Mangera (Principal/ Cofounder)

Apa Rubena Mangera
(Co founder)