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"Because special people need to be taught in a special way"

Meet The Team

Ml Zubair Mangera:
Maulana Zubair is a Founding Partner at Tuyoorul Jannah. Graduating as an alim from Bury in 2005 he has since been striving to serve the local community and has taught in a variety of settings. Alongside his work at Tuyoorul Jannah, Maulana also serves as a social worker in the North Lancashire area having completed his BA in social work at UCLan in 2010. In addition to this he worked for Lancashire County Council as a SENDO – Special Educational Needs & Disability Officer for several years moving back in to Social work, working in the Learning Disability and Autism team.

Apa Rubena Mangera:
Apa Rubena is a qualified Science teacher who teaches at Taheedul Girls High School. Inspired by her brother’s experience of SEN in the madrasah system she resolved to do something about it and is a Founding partner at Tuyoorul Jannah. She has taught in a variety of madrasah settings since graduating from Hidayatul Banaat in 2005 and brings her experience and lots of enthusiasm to the team!

Hafiz Zakwan Leli:
Studying BA Hons in Education and professional studies at the University of Central Lancashire to become a primary school teacher. Hafiz Zakwan completed the memorisation of the holy Quran in 2011 at the age of 16. Hafiz Zakwan has experience in working with primary aged children and children with special needs from 2012 in particularly those with visual impairment.

Apa Zainab Dasu
Specialist in braille and working with students with a visual impairment

Sister Zainab Patel
Zainab Patel is an experienced teacher at Tuyoorul Jannah. Recently graduated with a BA in Education and Inclusion, she has always been an active member in the community volunteering in different establishments and has taught a varied range of children from different backgrounds and abilities developing their islamic spirituality.

Sister Rabia Khan

Apa Hafeeza Badat –