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Charity No. 1144208

"Because special people need to be taught in a special way"

Future Projects

1. Specialist advice & information

At TJ we do not only want to teach but also offer our specialist support to parents and professionals. This can vary from supporting parents in accessing other services for their child or sign posting to financial support if eligible. In addition we also aspire to provide support and guidance for teachers who may be teaching children with SEN in mainstream settings.


2. Training for teachers in mainstream Makaatib

At TJ our aim is to keep all staff trained and up to date with recent changes and current working methods. We intend to provide sufficient training with new strategies and knowledge about a range of disabilities.

3. Multifunctional rooms- to hold meetings and advice centre for the public

Our rooms will have up to date facilities which should allow people to hire rooms for meetings, training or personal use. The money generated will be fully reinvested back in to the charity and help sustain the organisation.