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"Because special people need to be taught in a special way"


What is it?

PMLD Stands for profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) (or MDVI – multiple disability and visually impaired).

There is no accepted definition of profound and multiple learning disabilities, but it is commonly associated with Pronounced Developmental Delay with significant physical and sensory impairments and Epilepsy.
Most people with profound and multiple disabilities will have physical disabilities and will be unable to walk and have to use a wheelchair. They may have hearing and sight problems. They will communicate non-verbally, that is, they will not speak or if they do, will use only a few words. Some may use signs and symbols or look and point to what they want.
Children with PMLD benefit from alternatives therapies, such as Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy and benefit greatly from interaction with others within the mainstream community.


Some of the main characteristics are:

  • Difficulties with reading, writing and comprehension
  • Unable to understand and retain basic mathematical skills and concepts
  • Limited vocabulary and communication skills
  • Short attention span
  • Under developed co-ordination skills
  • Lack of logical reasoning
  • Inability to transfer and apply skills to different situations
  • Have difficulty remembering what has been taught